Do We Need FIFA?

As a true football fan, I join those that think it is disgraceful that the main body in football, FIFA has had a corruption scandal of massive proportions. Here’s the timeline by that will explain everything (if you haven’t heard about it)

In any case, some justice has already been done (Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini have been banned from football for 6 years), and there is some that football fans are still waiting for.

But whether you like it or not, FIFA and UEFA do have important responsibilities and the world be worse without them.

International Championships

International Championships

International tournaments stand out the most among what FIFA does. You may claim that fans can live without watching their fellow countrymen play in the world championships. It’s entertaining but you can survive without it.

However, for the Eastern European kid, practicing football every day, the dream of meeting Brazil’s, Argentina’s, England’s, etc. best players in the pitch, head to head, means the world.

And there is also the emotional side of something so touching as an intense football match against your rivals. I am not talking about one fan but a much larger scale. These special games unite the whole country, it’s mind-blowing and something that sitting in a bar playing darts (sorry, dart fans or playing in one of those fancy new online casinos can never compare.



While it is unfortunate that in the past some funds from charities have gone to corrupt executives, FIFA has helped millions of kids around the world. From the slums of Brazil to the deep concrete jungles of ex-Soviet Union countries, often these kids have nothing to live for.

But international charities provide opportunities to meet their heroes, help them see what it would be like if they continued to work hard on their game. These moments help keep the dream alive for the kids that don’t have many opportunities in life.



To me, as a football fan, there is only one thing that is as shameful as the corruption in football, and that’s racism. FIFA surely has done its part in combatting this issue in a variety campaigns from videos featuring football’s biggest stars to campaigns in schools and stadiums.


It’s interesting. When you see politicians, you despise them for being sleazy and corrupt. Yet, the same issues continue for thousands of years. Is the institution itself guilty? In that case, should we just abolish FIFA and its branches?

fifa flag

I personally only can hope that the 2015 scandal has cleaned FIFA, although I’m not counting on it. What are you supposed to do when an Arab Sheikh offers you millions for a tournament in their country? Perhaps only a person in this situation can answer. For us, fans, what remains is to be open-minded and vocal. These international games have always brought countries together and helped set their differences aside. Just like the recent Syria – Iran match!

Centre-forward zone is becoming a problem: The Ronaldo complex

What seemed to be the case against Valencia continued against Levante: without Cristiano Ronaldo, Real’s play was lacking in attack and it is because of both tactical and human resources reasons. This is an analysis of the Madrid‘s centre-forward problem.

The lack of attacks without Ronaldo

ronaldo balls

MADRID. 2: 2 against Valencia, 1: 1 against Levante – the last two days for Real Madrid did not go as planned. Having started the new season with the triumphs over Manchester United (2-1) and Barcelona (3-1 and 2-0) as well as the 3-0 victory at Deportivo La Coruña, they are already four points behind table leader Barcelona. If the match against Valencia was to be classified as “unfortunate” due to the exorbitantly high number of high-ranking players, in particular Karim Benzema, the draw against Levante was also very disappointing due to the game itself.

Above all, however, a problem emerged very clearly, which in the encounters before – despite the good results and also predominantly strong appearances – had already indicated in time: Real Madrid succeeded in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo only conditionally. Without the Portuguese, the team lacks the last “punch” of the attacks and, above all, the necessary presence in the penalty area or a real target player in breakthroughs of the wing players. Or strikingly expressed: If Ronaldo is not on the field, the other team members could find themselves in a lot of danger on the field.

The characteristics of Ronaldo

It is no surprise that Christiano Ronaldo plays such big role in the team. He is a world famous football player, and there are certain things that make him stand out from the others. For example, he is extremely disciplined and professional. Moreover, Ronaldo became a star because he is good at making the right decisions, and he is committed to improvement. Many young people wish that they could play like Ronaldo, but it takes a lot of time and practice to reach his level. However, there many ways to improve skills which can help Ronaldo on the field. For instance, the characteristics which help world famous football players can be improved by playing various games online. There are a lot of games for free online which suit these needs perfectly. The ability to understand your opponents, plan your actions, and even be a fast thinker can all be improved while playing them, and it is a great chance for those who do not have a possibility to spend the whole day on the field or simply want to switch up their daily routine.

Interaction with Benzema: the perfect environment for Ronaldo


Firstly, the role played by the world famous football player in the Blancos system must be considered at this point. The number 7 acts nominally on the left wing, but Madrid’s best goalkeeper in history is mostly in the centre or in the penalty area. On the other hand, Karim Benzema, on the paper, the mid-striker, can always fall back into the midfield or to the outside in order give space or fill the empty zones. This interaction has perfected both players over the years, embedded in the excellently coordinated processes of the entire team, Ronaldo has thus created an environmentin which the 32-year-old perfectly works – with Benzema in the role as a hybrid player and as a crucial puzzle piece.

Even if the Portuguese is “thirsty” (which is, in view of his fantastic numbers in recent years, actually the wrong word) in front of the opponent, he is still a central figure in the attack game of the Madrid. One reason being the presence of the opponent ‘s defensive lines, on the other hand, because of his outstanding game without a ball – which is certainly one of his greatest strengths with all his football and athletic abilities –it is an uncanny space for his (advancing) co-players.

However, if Ronaldo fails, this is immediately apparent in the statistics of the game. Neither Benzema, nor Gareth Bale or Marco Asensio are players who consistently occupy these spaces, as the four-time world famous football player does in an inimitable manner. While Benzema – quite in his pre-eminent role as Ronaldo‘s extra – is always involved in the game and creates situations in the midfield and on the wing, both Bale and Asensio prefer to come out at a slower pace.

Only time will show whether Real Madrid will manage to solve their human resources and tactical problems which affect the team in a negative way.

How has soccer affected our lives?

Football or soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It is the most watch sport in all over the world. The passion for football by the fans and the players is just great.

With over 256 million active players, football has affected the lives of football players. Football does affect not only the life of the footballers but also the life of its spectators, managers, coach and club owners.

The sport has a big role in an individual’s life that’s why there is various association who are promoting all sorts of sports. Academics and studies are also great and important, but sports should not be ignored during the growth of youths.

Football is not just a sports game which is fun to play. It is much more than that. Do you know that with income of some football clubs, football in general funds in global education, also a positive change in social beliefs?

Soccer (Football) effects in the society

Soccer crosses all the religious boundaries. Soccer is loved by the people regardless of what culture or religion they belong to. We all know about the great players and clubs. We know about the great rivalries, but not all of us know about the positive changes brought by soccer in our society.

Soccer is specifically very popular among teenagers (Both males and females). This game brings together people for the sake of the game which automatically boosts the strength of the society. Soccer teaches us hard work and teamwork is the key to success.

Drugs and alcohol have attracted so many teenagers and adults. This addiction can ruin their life and others, but soccer keeps it’s away.

There are certain organisations who bring the promotion and development of soccer and also the funding for educations. This definitely creates a positive social change in the world.

Soccer and Education

FIFA might Institute 0.4 percent education tax on the broadcasting of football matches and sponsorship. This can only happen with the help of UN. During the FIFA World CUP 2014, the tax from broadcasting and sponsor generated an estimated amount of $48 Million. This led to over 2 million children getting basic education across the world. Education is one of the reasons for the development of a country and with Soccer it only positively impacts the education.

Soccer and Energy

Most of us play soccer for fun with dedication but have you ever thought a little differently like thinking about how much energy does a kick generates when we kick a ball. I think none of us has ever thought about this. But there are four girls in an engineering class who are studying and inventing a soccer ball where it can generate energy and stores it. Of course, these soccer balls will generate energy when it gets an impact like a kick. This kind of energy will give various things energy like an electric bulb, motor and cell phones and others stuff.