How has soccer affected our lives?

Football or soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It is the most watch sport in all over the world. The passion for football by the fans and the players is just great.

With over 256 million active players, football has affected the lives of football players. Football does affect not only the life of the footballers but also the life of its spectators, managers, coach and club owners.

The sport has a big role in an individual’s life that’s why there is various association who are promoting all sorts of sports. Academics and studies are also great and important, but sports should not be ignored during the growth of youths.

Football is not just a sports game which is fun to play. It is much more than that. Do you know that with income of some football clubs, football in general funds in global education, also a positive change in social beliefs?

Soccer (Football) effects in the society

Soccer crosses all the religious boundaries. Soccer is loved by the people regardless of what culture or religion they belong to. We all know about the great players and clubs. We know about the great rivalries, but not all of us know about the positive changes brought by soccer in our society.

Soccer is specifically very popular among teenagers (Both males and females). This game brings together people for the sake of the game which automatically boosts the strength of the society. Soccer teaches us hard work and teamwork is the key to success.

Drugs and alcohol have attracted so many teenagers and adults. This addiction can ruin their life and others, but soccer keeps it’s away.

There are certain organisations who bring the promotion and development of soccer and also the funding for educations. This definitely creates a positive social change in the world.

Soccer and Education

FIFA might Institute 0.4 percent education tax on the broadcasting of football matches and sponsorship. This can only happen with the help of UN. During the FIFA World CUP 2014, the tax from broadcasting and sponsor generated an estimated amount of $48 Million. This led to over 2 million children getting basic education across the world. Education is one of the reasons for the development of a country and with Soccer it only positively impacts the education.

Soccer and Energy

Most of us play soccer for fun with dedication but have you ever thought a little differently like thinking about how much energy does a kick generates when we kick a ball. I think none of us has ever thought about this. But there are four girls in an engineering class who are studying and inventing a soccer ball where it can generate energy and stores it. Of course, these soccer balls will generate energy when it gets an impact like a kick. This kind of energy will give various things energy like an electric bulb, motor and cell phones and others stuff.

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