How to teach a child to play soccer

Every boy has a love for soccer at the gene level.

From an early age, he cannot pass by the ball or something remotely resembling it, so as not to kick it. The boy usually does not need to be motivated to play soccer, but it’s worth helping at every stage of becoming a young soccer player.

kid playing soccer

If the question of motivation still got up, then show him the exciting moments of soccer matches between eminent teams. Emotional fullness of every goal scored, emotions, emotions boiling among fans, players, coaches will not leave him indifferent. Over time, famous players will become your child’s idols.

Selection of sports equipment

Before moving to the first acquaintance of the kid with the world of soccer, it is necessary to acquire the minimum necessary inventory:


soccer shields

They are necessary, even if you will be engaged with the child on your own and protect it from injuries in every possible way. Shields will develop a boy’s habit of observing security measures during the game, which in the future will save you from many problems, especially if soccer becomes part of a child’s life.

Special shoes

soccer shoes

Soccer boots or at least rigid studded shoes also protect the child’s legs from possible injuries.


soccer ball

Do not buy a standard ball for “adult” soccer. The child simply cannot handle it properly. Firstly, it is heavy even for unprepared joints of an adult person, and secondly, it is big for children’s legs. The child will find it difficult to both play and learn the professional elements of soccer with this size of the ball. Choose smaller copies of balls, but preferably not from rubber.

What to teach the future soccer player

It is better if the child tries to play in different positions.

The first point is very important, in spite of its subordination from the point of view of people who are not familiar with soccer from the inside. Teach your child to play without fear of the ball. Many children during the game because of fear of getting injured by the ball lose their vigilance, which further exacerbates the situation. You can show our kid soccer games online, to get the whole concept better. Plus, who doesn’t love games? Whether mobile slots games or some kicking ball ones online, it gives both practice in something and pleasure.

kid playing soccer

Then you can go to the basic elements of this soccer. The first of them is a blow from the spot. Show some types of impact on the ball. Striking with the toe in the central area of ​​the ball – it flies strongly and directly, with a toe and top of the foot striking the lower part of the ball – it flies straight and high, impact by the side of the foot – the ball rolls along the ground along the most predictable trajectory.

If the blow from the site is successfully worked out, complicate the task – train the strikes from the take-off, the technique does not change at the same time.

The next step will be learning to play ball – dribbling. Here to help come as video tutorials from the Web, and careful analysis of interesting game moments of any match. The art of dribbling will inevitably appear and by itself during the acquaintance of the child with soccer, it is only necessary to hone it.

Also teach your child to stand on the gate. Even if he does not play in this role in the future, the experience of playing the goalkeeper will be very useful when working on the attacking position. Be sure to give your baby gloves, even if they are ordinary winter gloves. This is a very important part of the equipment of a small goalkeeper.

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