Top 10 amazing facts about the Barclay’s Premier League

Barclays Premier League is one of the most popular football or says soccer league in the world. Millions of people watch this league from all over the world. This top-flight football league is now 25 years old, and there have been lots of exciting stuff, and sad stuff happened during this period.

Although you might be a great follower of Barclays Premier League, there is a chance that you don’t know everything about the English league. Well, I will list some amazing facts about Barclays Premier League which you never heard of.

You probably already know about the most goal scorer of Barclays Premier League or the club with most league trophies, but you certainly wouldn’t know about these facts which I have shown you below.

With a little research, we have compiled up some of the amazing facts about Barclays Premier League. Here they are

1. This is probably the strangest fact about Barclays Premier League. Two players were scoring penalties with both feet. Yes, there are two players during the 25 years of the time of the EPL. The name of these two players is Bobby Zamora and Obafemi Martins. These two players have certainly proved that they are two footed.

2. Ryan Giggs is a legendary player of all time in the top-flight English Premier League. He has scored some amazing goals during his time but does you know that he is the most substituted player than any other player in Barclays Premier League. 134 times to be exact.

3. Remember in 2011 – 2012 season when Manchester City played against QPR in the final game of that particular season. It was a joyful moment when Sergio Aguero scored the title winning goal in the stoppage time. We all know that moment, but a little to no people know that it was the only assist created by Balotelli in that season.

4. Gareth Bale, Wayne Rooney and Kevin Davies are the only players in Barclays Premier League who scored an own goal, scored a goal as well as an assist.

5. Another fact about Gareth Bale is that he also got a Yellow in the same. So he is the only player in the EPL who scored, scored an own goal, assist and got a yellow card.

6. Manchester United have never lost a game at Old Trafford where they are ahead in the half time.

7. Alan Shearer has scored the most penalties in Barclays Premier league. He has scored 56 penalties scored. To add up about Alan Shearer, he is also the player who missed the most penalties (11) in the Premier League.

8. In 2015/2016 season, West Ham recorded a positive goal difference which was the only time when they recorded positive goal difference since 1985/1986.

9. Paul Robinson (Former England Goalkeeper) has more assists (5) than any other Goalkeeper in Premier League.

10. James Milner has a record of scoring in 47 different EPL games without losing any of them.

Gather your football friends and tell them these facts to amaze them.

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