Top 10 Football loving countries

Football (Not American Football) is probably the most watched sport in this world. The numbers of spectators during any popular tournaments of football is just massive.

Football is a Beautiful and a very passionate game. Although football is watched from all over the world, there are some countries who take the love for the football to an entirely another level.

As we all know that FIFA World Cup is going to be held in 2018 which is next year, so it gets pretty exciting even there are still many months left from the actual event.

As I was saying, some countries have a tremendous amount of passion for football. So if you are wondering which country has the most passionate fan base then look nowhere else other the contents below.

  • France

France is one of those countries who won both the world cup and two European cups. The people of France are very passionate about as they have one of the richest club in the world (Paris Saint Germain). Since last few years, France has developed their football quality with the young talents joining the national team.

  • Netherlands

Netherland is another country with growing young talents. With the growing football team, their fan base is also growing rapidly. The Dutch team has one of the most colourful fans in the world. These colourful fans and supporters can also be counted as one of the most passionate fans in the world.

  • Argentina

Argentina has one of the most amazing players of all time. We all know who I am talking about, Messi and his captaincy have led the national team to a growing team since last few years. With almost the whole population supporting the national football team, Argentina has one of the most passionate football fans in the world.

  • Mexico

PrimeraDivisión de México may not be the most popular league in the world, but it is one of the most attended league in the world. Mexicans always loved football the passion for this sport is just marvellous.

  • Italy

Italy is famous for the historical places, great wines and food. But when it comes to the sports interest of the people of Italy, their interest in football is amazing.

  • England

England has a tremendous amount of passion for football that there are millions of people who attended the football matches in Barclays Premier League and NPO Power Championship.

  • Germany

Germany Football fans are very loyal towards the national team. Bundesliga is one of the most watched football league in the world which the passion of the Germans in Football. On an average, a single Bundesliga match records 45000 attendance which puts them in the second most attended football league in the world.

  • Spain

Spain used to rule the world of football regarding national tournaments. Spain also has the greatest rivalry in the football world. The Match between Barcelona and Real Madrid is watched by millions of people from all over the world. Spain has a great passion for football.

  • Brazil

Won the world cup five times and the support in each world cup is just massive. The Fan base of Brazil Football is what every other country should have.

  • Uruguay

Uruguay has the most passionate football fans in the world. Although it is one of the smallest country in South America and just under 3,400,000 population, the passion for football is in every citizen of Uruguay.







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